The Cimorelli's

Cimorelli, 6 singing sisters, Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani.

Cimorelli EP September 17, 2011

Cimorelli are still working hard on there new CD. Cimorelli album is going to be full of original material from Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani. Hopefully soon the “Cimfam” will have a date for release of the first album since Dani Cimorelli joined the group in 2010. Cimorelli are due to release an EP soon and have just closed a “fan vote” on there official Facebook page where they asked fans to name there favourite Cimorelli track.

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Cimorelli Album EP

Cimorelli have just released there latest cover, “you and I” by lady gaga. The Cimorelli are also still working hard on there new album. Christina, Katherine and Lisa are currently taken time of collage to spend time writing new songs for Cimorelli album. Amy, Lauren and dani are back at school. The youngest 3 girls are all home schooled so are able to fit there work around recording, practice and studio time. There is no set date for Cimorelli to release there new album at present.